Last year we welcomed new Chief of Technology Officer, Gary O’Connor to our team to lead our technology vision and strategy, working to optimise the company’s products to support the marketplace business model. Meet our new Chief Technology Officer, Gary O’Connor.

Since then we have introduced new features that improve both the Shepherd and customer experience. 

Pulse the Market 

We recently developed the capability to “Pulse the Market”. This allows us to publish information about selected upcoming jobs with our network of Shepherds. Our Shepherds can register their interest for these jobs, allowing us to measure demand in a very detailed way. This was used successfully as part of the planning phase for a campaign in which we completed 10,000 jobs in one day. This provides really detailed insight into the capability of our network, allowing us to confidently commit to data gathering across a large number of locations in a short timeframe. 

New reporting dashboards

Towards the end of last year, we invested in  new reporting capabilities. This means our customers can now experience their data in immersive, user friendly dashboards. These dashboards give customers insight into their KPIs along with aggregate data trends – plus the ability to drill down into individual data points or locations, while not compromising on the rich set of data our Shepherds collect.

Image Recognition 

Next up is further extending our image processing capability, with additional Image Recognition capabilities. In the coming months, you’ll hear a lot more about IR GO – our next generation of Image Recognition capabilities. This will add a new layer of intelligence to our data platform  enabling us to deliver both accuracy and speed. We don’t believe speed or accuracy should have to be a choice. 

Image recognition will be used at each stage of the process; from mission to ‘back-office’ QA. Image recognition will be able to help us ensure the quality by checking to make sure the images match the recorded answers. This will help speed up our quality assurance process while assisting our expert human reviewers. Image recognition will also help us to extract as much data as possible from our images such as share of shelf, product categories and more.