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We help businesses put the power of accurate, real-time data at the heart of every business decision.

About Shepper

No more guesswork. Shepper's innovative platform empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Get affordable, real-time insights on any aspect of your business. From in-store product tracking to service evaluation and anything in between.

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our platformin three steps

Leverage a network of 200,000, trusted, local people

With over 200,000 ‘Shepherds’ located across every postcode, we can capture data in real time that was previously impossible to obtain.

Providing cost-effective, high-quality insights to help you make better decisions.

Uncover overlooked opportunities with our AI-powered analysis

Our proprietary AI technology reveals patterns and trends that may previously been overlooked. Combined with proactive anomaly detection we guarantee accuracy and reliable insights.

Don’t settle for guesswork, put the power of current data and logic at the heart of every business decision.

Transforming data into actionable insights

Made to measure dashboards tailored specifically to your requirements display your data in real time. Forget configuring data streams or complicated API’s - everything is set up ready to help your business make better decisions.

Bespoke solutionsfor every business




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bespoke solutionsfor every business

Case Studies

make, data-driven decisions

See firsthand how our innovative on-demand data solutions are transforming businesses.

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I need

  • products recalled

  • to identify stock issues

  • to monitor our billboards

  • nationwide maintenance checks

  • real-time product data

  • eyes across the UK

  • competitor pricing information

  • to check the lights are on

  • help verifying staff procedure

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