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Meet Sheppy

Sheppy is our brand mascot, and represents all the types of assets that we take care of. Just as real-world shepherds take care of sheep and keep them safe, Shepper and our network of Shepherds check and take care of your assets.

We’re global

Wherever you are

Shepper’s Smart Asset Checks are available all over the world. Any location you need checking, we will recruit, train and get our Shepherds there to carry out your checks.

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Our grass roots

Shepper was founded in late 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Carl August Ameln, Ben Prouty (previously behind disruptive start-ups Streetcar and Lovespace) and Jan Vanhoutte. In 2018 we raised $5.4M in Series A funding, led by Aviva Ventures, Norway’s Idekapital and Angel investors.

Our purpose has always been to help you take care of your assets, in the smartest way possible. Thanks to our global network of Shepherds and cutting-edge technology, whatever you need checking, wherever it is, we’ll take care of it.

Our Partners

We’re award-winning

We’re incredibly proud to have been recognised for our work and the innovation we are driving.

Our Team

Our global team are dedicated to our mission - helping you take care of your assets in the smartest way possible.

Carl August Ameln
Executive Chairman
Allan Aroyeun
Business Development, UK
Jack Barter
Business Executive
Henry Bennett
Business Development / Customer Success Manager
Tora Brooks
Head of Corporate Development
Claudio Calabrese
Customer Success Manager
Freddie Caron
Heather Dalton
Alen Dedja
Naomie Degnace
Simon Fattuhi
Head of Finance
Tom Hayden
Business Development, UK
Alisdair Jones
Business Development
Scott Kneller
VP of Sales
Alex Lawrence
Content Marketing Manager
Sophie Leang
Head of Marketing & Communications
Tristan Le Gall
Business Development, France
Julie Maccioni
Justin Mann
Network Manager
Veronica Marcano
Human Resources
Nick Matthews
Lead Platform Developer
Christaline Moreau
Yasmine Parmar
Emmanuella Rahman
Jacob Riches
Tim Simpson
Head of Operations
Peter Thomson-Glover
Financial Controller
Jan Vanhoutte
Co-founder, CPO

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