Ferrero needed to withdraw Kinder Eggs from convenience stores due to food safety concerns. A huge number of stores needed visiting and there was no reliable call file.

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The Challenge

Ferrero needed to recall six different Kinder Egg SKUs from convenience stores due to food safety issues. They knew that the call file might be out of date so needed a solution that could search for faulty products beyond the core list.

Our Solution

Using the scale and reach of our community to ensure national coverage, we developed a phased product recall project. Initially, the focus was to create a bespoke process to systematically visit stores from the call file, purchase any of the target SKUs and provide proof of destruction. A new QA process was developed that ensured 100% checking and was able to cope with 25,000 jobs being checked at its peak.

The Results

Over a three-month window Shepherds visited over 38,000 stores and purchased over 124,000 products. Using ‘treasure hunt’ tasks we were able to find target products in stores that weren’t on the call file. This enabled us to provide Ferrero with a cleaned call file with over 300 changes from the one they had supplied.

Being fairly new to the crowd sourcing option of field coverage, I have been massively impressed with the responsiveness of the Shepper business from the initial engagement. They offered a huge amount of flexibility, support and understanding from the start, allowing for a successful campaign and great insights. We are already exploring how we use this option again, going forward.

Head of Field Sales

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I need

  • products recalled

  • to identify stock issues

  • to monitor our billboards

  • nationwide maintenance checks

  • real-time product data

  • eyes across the UK

  • competitor pricing information

  • to check the lights are on

  • help verifying staff procedure

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