Camelot needed a clear view of whether their huge estate of retailers was correctly displaying promotional materials for scratch card campaigns. The scale and reach of the Shepper community meant we could make thousands of visits in a single day.

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The Challenge

Camelot understood that the correct display of promotional materials maximised scratch card sales. However, their sales team couldn't visit every part of their estate to check compliance. They asked Shepper to use the scale and reach of our community to check compliance and flag issues.

Our Solution

Combining our nationwide community with the AI-powered image recognition capabilities of our data collection app allowed us to visit up to 10,000 locations per day. Collected data was fed into several bespoke dashboards to meet the needs of different teams within Camelot. Most importantly, where our AI identified errors in promotional displays, a pulse alert was sent to the Camelot sales team.

The Results

Shepper's ability to cover so many sites in a short time window, and feed actionable alerts to the Camelot sales team, met the brief. Camelot were able to focus their resources where changes were needed. Pulse alerts fed to a call centre team drove outbound calls to retailers. Agents used Shepper images to accurately engage with retail staff and ensure promotional materials were correctly displayed.

‘Shepper has brought something completely different to Camelot's retail operation, and I believe what we're doing with them is a UK FMCG first’. They go on to say, ‘If a store is identified as requiring additional support, we then deploy a Camelot sales rep to visit the store or their Outbound Sales Team will give them a call’.

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I need

  • products recalled

  • to identify stock issues

  • to monitor our billboards

  • nationwide maintenance checks

  • real-time product data

  • eyes across the UK

  • competitor pricing information

  • to check the lights are on

  • help verifying staff procedure

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