Kobayashi were reliant on the perfect execution of instore promotional displays within the Tesco estate to achieve seasonal sales targets.

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ProductPromotional Verification

The Challenge

Kobayashi needed perfect execution of their promotional plan for their HotHands brand in target Tesco stores during the key seasonal period. They needed to be sure that promotional materials were displayed in high footfall areas of stores, and fully stocked. They needed a partner to rapidly undertake checks and take action to resolve issues.

Our Solution

Many Shepherds have merchandising experience. Utilising this part of our community and providing clear training through Shepper TV we put together a two-stage task. The first was to assess whether promotional stands were on the shop floor, and to ensure they were in high footfall areas. Where stands were not in place our team took these from the warehouse, built them and ensured they were fully stocked.

The Results

The two-phase approach ensured completion of the rollout of promotional units. The follow-up allowed stock levels to be checked and replenished. Over a quarter of units were not initially on display and many of those that were needed to be repositioned. Nearly half of the units were under stocked. Kobayashi received ‘pulse alerts’ where they needed to supply new display units to stores. By improving promotional compliance Kobayashi saw a 10x improvement in sales versus the previous year. Data was used to engage Tesco to expand future promotional activity.

We have been discussing Shepper internally and the reports that we can see. We are VERY HAPPY with the reports that we can pull together and everything is cystal clear too. I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team as the companies we've used in the past have been very inaccurate and not as professional as Shepper. A BIG WELL DONE.

Sales Director

Kobayashi Healthcare
Kobayashi Healthcare
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I need

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  • to monitor our billboards

  • nationwide maintenance checks

  • real-time product data

  • eyes across the UK

  • competitor pricing information

  • to check the lights are on

  • help verifying staff procedure

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