L’Oréal needed to better understand the extent that the implementation of promotional activity was affecting sales performance in a major health and beauty retailer. This could only be achieved by visiting every store to verify whether promotional point of sale was on display.

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IndustryHealth & Beauty
ProductPromotional Verification

The Challenge

L’Oréal were concerned that sales levels through one of their major retail partners were not as high a planned. Feedback from their sales team indicated that in some stores they visited none of the planned promotional material on the shopfloor. L’Oréal urgently needed independent data from every store to fully assess the situation.

Our Solution

Shepper’s nationwide, large scale community were local to every store that needed to be visited. Templates were quickly built and deployed to the Shepper app so that our team could collect all the data needed. This was fed into bespoke dashboards and provided to the client team.

The Results

Initially, L’Oreal were able to see that less than half of the display units had been displayed. And the majority that were displayed were not fully stocked. They have used ongoing auditing to work with their retail partner to improve the rollout of promotions and identify those stores that have persistent issues. This has improved overall campaign performance by 50%.

Not only was the turnaround to receive raw data immediate, but the additional analysis of the data we requested was considered, relevant and very insightful. The Shepper team were fantastic from brief until completion and I look forward to working with them again!

Senior Visual Merchandising Manager


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    • help verifying staff procedure

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