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Richard Thornton will be joining Shepper’s board to help the business achieve commercial excellence, scale operations, and maintain exceptional customer service.

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We’re please to announce that Richard Thornton will be joining our board of directors. Richard comes from a background working with tech-enabled, high-growth scale-ups and has spent the last 12 years working for global software leader, Cint, as Chief Commercial Officer. Here, he played a pivotal role in leading the company to its recent successful IPO and scaling the business from 2M EUR to 100M EUR in revenue. 

Richard joins the board after we received £6million in investment led by Aviva Ventures last summer. After already completing jobs in over 20 different international markets, he will be using his expertise to help supercharge our international growth and launch new markets across the globe.

“I’m really excited to be onboard and help play a small part in Shepper’s next stage of its growth journey.  The company has huge potential and a lot of parallels with Cint’s business model and opportunities ahead of it.  I hope to add value in a number of areas, but specifically commercial excellence and optimisation, including scaling, sales efficiency and international expansion.”

Richard Thornton, Shepper Board Member

“I’m delighted to welcome Richard to the Shepper board as I recognise his passion and experience in providing high-quality data to businesses. This new appointment will help Shepper successfully scale internationally and support our goal to build the best gig network in the world.”

Lindsay Forster, Shepper CEO
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