We’ve just released some new app features that will make finding jobs so much simpler. We know that you love seeing the jobs available on offer across the country and want to be notified when there is one just around the corner from you. We’re excited to let you know that we’ve now made this even easier. Our new features include country-wide job selection, geo-notifications to help boost your earning potential, and the ability to start another job after one has been stopped.

Country-wide job selection

Our market map view is an effective tool to see the jobs that are available in your areas, but we know that you are willing to go above and beyond to complete them with us. Our new feature means that the market map view does not just show the pins of checks in your areas, but will automatically show you jobs all across the country. You will now be able to scroll, pinch and swipe your way across the map to find jobs in every corner of the UK. This should allow you to not only see what is available to complete near you whilst in the shops or on the high street but also jobs that are further afield that you may want to complete as a bundle or on a trip away. We’re hoping this gives you the ability to find, plan jobs and make money so much easier.

Starting a new job after a job has been stopped

We know that sometimes things can go wrong during checks – this means that you need to stop them to move on. To start a new job in the past, our team would have to have removed your stopped jobs to let you continue, creating delays and impacting your ability to earn as quickly as possible. From now, if for any reason a job needs to be stopped, you can start another one straight away, with no support required. Any time wasted in the past waiting for jobs to be removed has now gone, meaning you’ll be able to check faster, earn more and really boost your earnings to the max!


With our new geo-notifications, you’ll soon be alerted with a notification whenever you are close to a job that is on the market. That means that whenever you are out and about, or even just sitting at home – if a job is near you, you’ll know. These jobs will be within walking distance to your location, so you should be able to get your shoes on and get earning in no time at all. With loads more jobs coming to the market, we hope your phone will be buzzing with opportunities to maximise your earning potential.

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