Meet one of our Shepherds, Phil from Birmingham, and find out why he chooses to work for gig economy companies like Shepper as his main source of income, and how he’s now made time to explore his photography hobby.

“When I turned 50, I realised that I was burnt out in my career and needed to start living my life”

Putting his health first

Phil was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, also known as ME, after working in the computer industry and putting in 70-80 hours a week for years. He realised that he was a workaholic and that he had to make some changes in his life to start putting his health and wellness first. 

After leaving his job, he is now doing much better with help from therapy, exercise and spending more time with his daughter. Phil realised that he needed the flexibility to choose when and where to work and that a typical 9 to 5 wasn’t for him anymore.

Phil’s photography

Now, Phil makes his money by completing jobs for gig economy companies, driving across the country and doing everything from Shepper checks to merchandising. He particularly enjoys checking billboards as a job, as he loves getting outside. These also suit him as he doesn’t need to speak to anyone, which he can sometimes find difficult due to his anxiety.

Meet our Shepherds: Phil Bradshaw
Phil’s photography

Photography along the way

Phil has always enjoyed photography and finds that his new lifestyle allows him to explore it much more. On his travels across the country he finds lots of opportunities to capture great shots of wildlife, nature, cities and even abandoned buildings.

He spends the time he has between jobs exploring interesting, unusual places and documenting it all with his camera.

Phil’s photography

Phil loves the gig economy and finds that it suits him as a person. He likes the flexibility as it means he can always prioritise his health – something that might not be as easy in a traditional job. 

Meet our shepherds: Phil Bradshaw
Phil’s photography

“I don’t want to work myself down to the bone. I like having balance and focusing on what is really important in life”

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