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November has been a busy month for app updates and new and improved features! Make sure to update your app to make sure you’re running on the latest version: iOS and Android to make the most out of the features. Here’s a recap of all the awesome new features you can find in the app!

Treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt checks are a unique type of job, different to the other checks we have in the market, designed to make earning a little extra even faster!

Unlike normal checks, which require you to go to a designated location/ store/ pin to complete a check, you can complete a treasure hunt check wherever you find treasure!

Depending on the criteria and treasure we’re looking for, you’ll have the freedom to go out and look for it wherever it may be.

Examples of Treasure Hunts might include finding a bus stop with damage, an empty shelf in a supermarket or even a pot hole in a road. In each case, you will see a card in the app showing details of the treasure hunt. You can then go on a hunt to find the nearest damaged bus stop, empty shelf or pot hole. The types of treasure are endless.

Find out more about this nifty new feature here.

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Job Filters

You’ll now be able to filter by check type, making it easy for you to find the right check for you!

This feature will allow you to:

  • Have more visibility of different types of checks on the market.
  • Choose the checks you enjoy completing but filtering out the ones you don’t like.

Finding the right job for you has never been easier! Find out more about it here.

Timer jobs

Timer jobs allow you to complete a job within a designated timeframe.

Unlike regular jobs where you have to choose a time and a date to complete a check, timer jobs have a specified time frame in which you have to complete the job!

When you pick up a timer job, you’ll be able to complete it at any date and time within its given time frame.

Timer jobs will have a little clock above its title which will indicate how long you have to complete it within. Keep an eye out for future timer jobs near you!

Now that you’re all caught up, why not open the app and check out these new features for yourself.

As always, if you want to suggest an improvement or report a bug, just shake the app and let us know your thoughts!

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