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Shepper checks are straightforward and simple to carry out, but there are a few things you need to remember. Before you set off to complete your next check, here are a few things you should know to help things go smoothly.

1. Photos must be taken within the Shepper app (not your phone’s camera app)

Shepper app photo

Most Shepper tasks require you to take photos. Make sure the photos you take are clear and not blurry, or unrecognisable. You don’t have to be a pro photographer, just make sure you capture the subject in the frame, avoid taking photos while moving (or in a car) and get close enough to the subject so that it can be seen clearly. You’ll have the option to submit a few photos if you’re unsure.

You will not be able to upload photos or video from your camera roll or gallery.

2. Orange icons mean mandatory tasks

Shepper app orange mandatory tasks

Some questions are mandatory during Shepper checks, these are highlighted by the orange icons. You MUST complete all mandatory tasks in order to complete a check. If you are trying to submit a report but its not working check to make sure none of the sections or tasks are orange. You may be missing a mandatory photo or answer!

If a photo is mandatory, but what the task requires you to take a picture of is not present, you will still need to add an overview photo for evidence.

3. Use the map pin in the Shepper app when traveling to the check

You can find the map pin in the check’s description. If you need help finding the location, you can also talk to our dedicated support team. We recommend you also use the ‘get directions’ feature on the job details screen to find your way to the check.

4. Make sure your answers are complete and consistent

When filing in your report, check to see that your answers are consistent and make sense before sending it off. For example, if you answer “yes” to “Is the bus shelter in good condition” but then show photos of broken glass, we’ll ask that you retry the check.

On some questions, we might ask you to add in extra details. We usually require just a couple of sentences to describe what you can see. One word answers won’t be accepted here.

Extra tips to know

You can send a bug report by shaking your phone when in the app!

Any tech issues during your check? Don’t worry! Just shake your phone and you’ll see a pop up which will let you send a bug report. We’ll be able to help resolve the issue in no time.

You can chat to us directly in Support

If you’ve got any questions or are having problems while on a check, you can speak to us using our live chat feature. We’re on hand to help you out from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

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