Compared to lager, craft beer and champagne, it was non-alcoholic beer that was flying off the shelves last weekend. We checked stock levels in more than 400 supermarkets across the UK on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th June.

Over the weekend, we found that 25% of all supermarkets had either none or almost no non-alcoholic beer on their shelves. 12% of all supermarkets checked had none available and 13% were nearly empty. 

On Friday before the England v Scotland football game, this figure increased to 35% (15% had none available and 20% were nearly empty).

Almost three-quarters (74%) of supermarkets checked were full or almost fully stocked with craft beer, with beer at 67% and champagne at 78%.

While people weren’t maybe in the mood for celebrating, there might have been other things on their minds. 

12% of all supermarkets had no condoms left and 13% had no hair removal products. However, 97% of all Sainsbury’s stores were either fully stocked or nearly fully stocked with condoms over the weekend. Morrisons is the place to go to for hair removal products, with 98% of their shelves were fully stocked or nearly fully stocked.

Lindsay Forster, CEO at Shepper, said: “It’s amazing how our shopping habits have changed in the past year. By using our network of 35,000+ Shepherds to carry out these checks, we get a real insight into what the UK is – and isn’t – doing.”