Mystery Shop

Assess how your products are being recommended and served to customers to ensure perfect execution.

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Complete visibility on in-store activities

Our mystery shopping audits give you complete visibility on in-store activities, fast. We’ll provide you with the data you need to ensure you get the most ROI in training and promotions. We’ll also alert you to any areas which are falling short so that you can take action.

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What Mystery Shop includes

Brand Recommendation

Use our Shepherds to visit a representative sample of retail locations to quantify how often your products are being recommended to customers, and track the reasons why.


Responsible Retailing

Use Mystery Shop to ensure staff do not sell restricted products to under-aged or otherwise restricted customers.

On-the-spot reward

Encourage the best results from sales assistants by offering an on-the-spot reward when they do a good job – reinforcing the same behavior for the future.

Staff Performance

A covert and objective measurement of RSA or other staff member performance

"Perfect serve"

For certain products, there are specific guidelines around how to perfectly serve a customer. Assure these are being adhered to across the nation so you deliver a consistent, high-quality experience.

What our clients say

“Shepper provided fantastic support on a very last-minute audit of four promotional display units across 300 stores, providing pictures of location and quality of the units in each store.”

Kerry Kisbey-Green
Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager NYX Professional Makeup at L’Oréal

Shepper works in 3 easy steps

01 You book

Choose one of our expertly designed templates and work with us to tailor it to your specific needs. Tell us what, where and when you need data.

02 We check

Our Shepherds collect your data using our industry-leading smartphone app. Each data point is reviewed and checked for quality.

03 You receive

Receive your custom dashboard showing aggregated reports and rich, detailed data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Shepper over other auditing companies?

Shepper is a faster, more cost-effective, agile alternative to traditional auditors or data collection companies. Our powerful tech and scalable community of people means that we can get you the data you need in a matter of hours, without the need for expensive travel costs or contractors. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality data as well as getting it to you fast, making sure each data point undergoes a rigourous quality assurance process.

How many locations can Shepper check?

We’ll check as many locations as you need. We can scale our community depending on your needs. We recently checked over 10,000 locations across the UK in a single day.

How can Shepper benefit my brand?

Shepper can help you get a clearer, real-time picture of your in-store execution. Using us over alternatives can also help you to save money, empower your field teams and much more.

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