Consumer Brands

Consumer Brands

Easily and flexibly enhance retail sales and customer experience, extending your workforce across the UK with our agile community solution.

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Optimising Retail Sales

Over the past five years, Shepper has built partnerships with leading global consumer brands, honing our expertise to optimise the key drivers of sales and customer sentiment. The vast and complex world of consumer goods distribution is challenged by an array of products and intense competition. With the rise of digital, the in-store experience has become even more pivotal. Every participant in the value chain must contribute to creating an unparalleled product experience, aiming for optimal sales.

On-demand Adaptable Auditing

At Shepper, we tailor a wide range of solutions for brands including;
  • Product, packaging and range audits

  • Promotional advertising verification

  • Compliance audits

  • Mystery shopping

  • Auditing billboards and large in-store promotions

We use our tech-training platform to represent brands in-store, gathering vital insights or conducting crucial in-store activations.

  • Nationwide product recalls

  • Activating brand assets in popular restaurants

  • Hunting for counterfeit goods

  • Auditing billboards and large in-store promotions

Brands appreciate us not just for our cost-effectiveness, but for our technical aptitude, agility, and adaptability, proving we're more than capable of understanding challenges and constantly evolving our solutions.

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