How We Do It

What is Shepper?

Shepper is an on-demand data solution enabling the visualisation of point of impact or sale data using a trained network of local people and a digital platform. Dynamic tasks and questionnaires can be customised and launched into a live marketplace. Data is then quality checked and aggregated, delivered to the client via a visual dashboard within 24 hours of receiving a brief.
  • Nationwide

    UK & Ireland

  • 0 Hours

    Brief to Data

You book

You tell us what locations, what things and when you would like us to inspect by completing an order form.

We check

We send our network of Shepherds to perform the checks using the Shepper app, capturing digital proof points.

Get Results in 24 hours

You get a digital report in real-time, with all checks GPS and time-stamped for integrity and quality.

Where can I use Shepper?

Our HQ and client base is largely focused in the UK and Ireland. The nature of our business means you can use Shepper anywhere in the world but we’re still working on that. If you have a non UK challenge please talk to us as client demand will ultimately determine where we Shepper next!