How it works
You book.
We check.
You receive.

Comprehensive data and insights, without having to leave your desk.

Tell us what to check, where, and when. Our Shepherds collect your data and we’ll send it to you via our sleek, user-friendly dashboards.

01 You book

Choose one of our expertly designed templates and work with us to tailor it to your specific needs. Tell us where, when and what data you need.

Completely customisable, these templates will allow you to frame the questions that you need answers to.

02 We check

Our vast network of Shepherds collect your data using our industry-leading mobile app. Each data point is reviewed and checked for quality by our in-house quality assurance team.

Check: collecting data
03 You receive

Receive your custom dashboard showing aggregated reports with rich and precise data.

Designed to give you top-level actionable insights on the data points you would like to see, reports are GPS and time-stamped, and sent straight to your inbox.

“Shepper allowed us to get where we alone would not be able to get. The research we commissioned was carried out with care and made a significant contribution to our corporate strategies.”

Lucrezia VivenziRegional Marketing Officer

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