What is Shepper?
Shepper is an on-demand inspection and basic task service.

Are you a security company?
No. We provide peace of mind through photography and do not offer security services.

What is a Shepherd?
A Shepherd is a member of our inspection team.

Who are your Shepherds?
Our Shepherds have a variety of backgrounds. Some are retirees looking to supplement their pension, some are part-time school teachers, while others are aspiring actors. The one thing they have in common is that they are all passionate about delivering exactly what the customer (you!) has asked for and providing the utmost precision in the work they do.

How do you select your Shepherds?
Shepherds go through a multi-stage onboarding process where we capture detailed information, their skillsets, run background checks, and provide thorough training. Once they have successfuly completed the process, they are able to conduct inspections.

Are your Shepherd insured?
Yes our Shepherds are fully insured with public liability insurance.

How do I book?
Head to the 'Book Inspection' section on this site and follow the instructions.

Which areas do you cover?
We have coverage across Europe. There may be some remote areas that we are unable to cover.

What is an inspection?
Our standard walk around inspection provides photos and any relevant commentary of all accessible angles of the Object you want inspecting and is returned as a digital report immediately upon completion. Depending on the size of the Object you may get any number of images but we always try and give you the greatest amount of detail possible. Our Shepherds are trained to look out for obvious signs that something might be wrong and they endeavour to relay that information as a matter of opinion as part of the report.

What is an Object?
You may see Shepper referring to the things you want inspecting as 'Objects'. An Object is simply the thing you want us to inspect whether that be your house, boat, car, shop, or even smaller items like bus stops, bikes, and street lamps.

What is a Look?
If you want the Shepherd to pay particular attention to something related to the Object you can add custom 'Looks'. If you can create an instruction that starts with 'Look at...' we are more than likely able to perform the task. Examples are 'Look at the lawn at the front of the house to see if it's been mowed' or 'Look at the rear of the car to see if there's a dent'.

How quickly can you conduct an inspection?
We can conduct next-day inspections provided we receive the order before 9am the previous day. For business customers we can offer same-day services so please get in touch for further information.

What recurring options are available to me?
You can book: one-off, daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly inspections.

Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and American Express securely through Stripe. For business customers we can arrange invoices at the end of each calendar month.

Can I cancel my booking?
For one-off inspections you can cancel the order via email at support@shepper.com at anytime before 9am the day before the inspection is scheduled. A full refund will be giving without any additional charges. For recurring inspection plans you can pause the plan before 9am the day before the inspection is scheduled by logging into your account and switching the order either to 'Paused' or 'Finished'.

How much does a single inspection cost?
A standard single inspection of an Object is £5.00. We also provide custom packages for business customers that require more tailored inspections.

How much do additional looks cost?
Additional Looks cost £1.

What can Shepper inspect?
Literally anything! In most cases these are inanimate objects such as houses, warehouses, and cars but we do get the odd request to check on livestock! The simple rule is that as long as you are the legal owner or have been given permission by the owner to inspect the Object we will do it. If we feel that the Object falls outside of our terms & conditions we will let you know. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to email us at support@shepper.com

What can Shepper not inspect?
Shepper will not inspect any people or Objects that you don't own or have not been given explicit permission to inspect.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?
No, you do not need to be there for the inspection, that's the beauty of Shepper! You will need to make sure that we have unrestricted access to the Object though and it would be helpful if you can inform any neighbours, security staff etc, that you will be using Shepper and inspections will be undertaken.

Can Shepper enter a property?
Yes we can, provided we have access to keys.

Does the Object I'm having inspected need to belong to me?
By placing an order with Shepper, you will confirm that the Object you are requesting an inspection of is yours or you have the right to have it inspected.

What if a Shepherd cannot locate the object to be inspected?
If a Shepherd cannot locate the Object that you have requested, we will attempt to call you whilst at the location. If we cannot promptly find the Object then we will still need to charge for the inspection, but will happily provide a refund should it be determined that it was our fault that we could not locate it.

Will you correct anything if something is wrong?
Shepper's aim is to provide you with detailed photos and commentary immediately, to allow you to take the appropriate action should any be needed. Our Shepherds can however perform basic tasks should you wish these to be done whilst on location. These range from things like closing an open window or testing smoke detectors.

How will I receive my report?
Your report will be sent to you as an email and will also be accessible through your online account.

When will I receive the report?
Your report will emailed to you shortly after the Shepherd's visit.

What will the report show me?
Your report will give you an overall status report and will include detailed photographs and any relevant commentary of the Object and the specific Looks you requested.

What if I'm not happy with the report?
If you're not happy with your report, please get in touch with us immediately so that we can rectify this for you.

Where can I see my orders and reports?
Simply login to your account here and select "My Orders" from the menu.

How can I update my account details?
Simply login to your account here and select "My Account" from the menu.

How can I update my payment details?
Simply login to your account here and select "My Account" from the menu.

How can I change my password?
Simply login to your account here and select "My Account" from the menu.

I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
No problem, it happens to all of us! Just click here to reset your password.

How do I stop a recurring booking?
Login to your Shepper account, select the order, and switch it from 'Active' to 'Paused.' Selecting 'Finished' will terminate the order permanently (your previous reports will still be available).

How do I become a Shepherd?
We're always looking for new Shepherds. Think you've got what it takes? Check out how to become a Shepherd here: shepper.com/become-a-shepherd

What is required to become a Shepherd?
Shepherds go through an extensive onboarding process that includes background checks and training.

How much money can I make as a Shepherd?
This will depend on your location and how much time you make available to accept jobs.

How much time do I need to dedicate to Shepherd?
This is entirely up to you, but we would ideally like our Shepherds to have availability to undertake at least one inspection a day.

Do I need to accept every job sent to me?
No, you do not need to accept every job that has been sent to you.

How will I be notified of new jobs?
You will be notified of jobs via the Shepper Jobs app.

When do I get paid?
You will be paid at the end of each calander month, for all of the jobs undertaken in the preceding month.