Product Recall

Product Recall

Manage your product recall needs with the peace of mind that we have every location covered.

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Easily activate product changes in difficult to access channels

Managing and recalling products from sale is a continuous practice for brands and something that is much easier to coordinate and control across established grocery channels. Achieving the same level of compliance and assurance across the extensive UK network of convenience, forecourt, small high street store and on-trade locations is quite a different ball game. That's where Shepper comes in.

...I have been massively impressed with the responsiveness of the Shepper business from the initial engagement. They offered a huge amount of flexibility, allowing for a successful campaign and great insights...

Head of Field Sales



Efficient product recall with Shepper's expertise

Our Product Recall service starts with building a location call file, using our vast data repository. With the client, we design a user guide and any supporting video help and training; this equips our experts to identify, purchase and remove the product from sale. Within our app, this process is carefully evidenced, supported by timestamped photographs and purchase receipt image uploads. Distribution heat maps can be delivered in real time to enable the client to track progress and visualise product removal.


Tailored service for agile collaboration and data-driven insights

At Shepper, we offer a fully bespoke service, customised to our clients needs, whilst remaining agile and easy to work with. Our game-changing tech platform and flexible resourcing model enable us to design and launch tasks in hours, allowing us to make changes easily and work flexibly with clients.

We have access to a vast network of experts who collect data 24/7 across different forms like scanning, text, visual, and audio. Our combination of AI and human expertise ensures that quality assurance is best in class. Plus, you can easily visualise data at a user level and we can deliver this exceptional service and low cost to clients.

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The largest product recall in the UK

Design a bespoke checklist

Our experts help identify key goals and set up metrics for success. We then create reporting parameters and benchmarks, enabling user journey design, user training development, quality control script construction, and client interface design for efficient data access and configuration.

Deploy to our network

Our Marketplace team initiates and handles your project, reaching thousands of dependable locals in every UK postcode through our app. We foster uniformity via user journeys and digital training, and maintain data integrity with our technology. Each data point is meticulously scrutinised against predetermined standards to guarantee solid outcomes.

Get Results in 24 hours

Our extensive Community allows fast, large-scale data collection. As data is quality-assured, it is streamed live to your portal or integrated into your system, customizable for your needs. Rules for live alerts can be set, images compiled into a national carousel, and appropriate responses designated for those assigned to act on the outcomes.

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