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Loreal customer review
“The Shepper team are always super responsive and helpful. We know we are in good hands where no project is too big, too small or too complex not to give it their full attention”.
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Thousands of trusted local people are ready to check whatever you need, collecting data using our powerful smartphone app.

Why use Shepper?

Data you can trust

Data you can trust

Quality, reliable data that we review in detail before sending your way in a custom dashboard.

A greener alternative

A greener alternative

Local people complete your checks, meaning less unnecessary travel and a smaller carbon footprint.

Fast and agile

Fast and agile

We’ll get your project live in 48 hours and will operate safely, responsibly and at 95% completion.

We’ll take care of it

We’ll take care of it

Use us as a standalone solution or to support the capability of your existing teams and suppliers.

We go anywhere

We go anywhere

We can work anywhere where there are people with smartphones, mobilising thousands of people simultaneously.

Friendly to your budgets

Friendly to your budgets

Shepper means no travel costs or the need to hire external contractors or experts, saving you money.

How our customers use Shepper

Shepper for Brands

Check your products and promotions are in perfect condition, measure customer experience and check retailer compliance.

How our customers use Shepper

Shepper for Retailers

Deliver excellence and improve your NPS score with comprehensive data on your stores across the country.

How our customers use Shepper

Shepper for Field Agencies

Measure up to your competitors and take on more client requests by partnering with us. 

How our customers use Shepper

Shepper for Property Managers

Maximise the revenue from your properties with instant digital property checks.

Shepper for Brands

Shepper works in 3 easy steps

We check

01 You book

Choose one of our expertly designed templates and tailor it to your specific needs. Tell us what, where and when you need data.

We check

02 We check

Our Shepherds collect your data using our industry-leading smartphone app. Each data point is reviewed and checked for quality.

You receive

03 You receive

Receive your custom dashboard showing aggregated reports and rich, detailed data. Measure ROI and easily address issues.

Wherever you are

Get fast data from widespread locations. Anywhere you need us, we will recruit, train and get our Shepherds there to carry out your checks.




Data Points Collected



What our clients say


Melanie Collett

Head of Asset Management, Aviva Investors

“We are currently working with Shepper, which operates almost as a property mystery Shepherds, to keep a close eye on the presentation of our assets. Shepper can source ‘Shepherds’ to carry out regular inspections across a portfolio, through a network driven by the trusted economy.”


Kerry Kisbey-Green

Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager NYX Professional Makeup, L’Oréal

“Shepper provided fantastic support on a very last-minute audit of four promotional display units across 300 stores, providing pictures of location and quality of the units in each store.”

For Goodness Shakes

Milly Mcglone

National Account Manager, For Goodness Shakes

“Shepper has helped us increase our sales and provided greater insight into our POS. Their bespoke services have allowed us to address our specific retailer issues, and have been a true extension to our workforce around the UK.”

Our Shepherds

Our community of Shepherds collect data using our app. We help businesses get the data they need, while providing easy, local, flexible jobs to real people.

It’s our mission to build the best, most-loved community in the world. We have over 60,000 Shepherds and are constantly growing.

Want to earn money from your phone? Join Shepper today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shepper?

Shepper is an on-demand checking solution, offering checks for businesses all over the world. Using a trained network of local people and a digital platform, we can check your assets quickly and efficiently, sending you detailed reports and dashboards straight to your inbox.

How does Shepper work?

You book: You tell us what locations, what things and when you would like us to inspect by completing an order form.
We check: We send our network of Shepherds to perform the checks using the Shepper app, capturing digital proof points.
You receive: You get a digital report in real-time, with all checks GPS and time-stamped for integrity and quality.

Where can I use Shepper?

Our HQ is in London and we focus most of our activity in the UK. However, our business model means that you can use Shepper anywhere in the world. Our checks are tailored to you, so just let us know where you need a check and we’ll either find a Shepherd, or recruit one nearby.

Where can I use Shepper?

Our HQ is in London and we focus most of our activity in the UK. However, our business model means that you can use Shepper anywhere in the world. Our checks are tailored to you, so let us know where you need a check and we’ll either find a Shepherd, or recruit one nearby.

Where did Shepper come from?

Shepper was founded in late 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Carl August Ameln, Ben Prouty (previously behind disruptive start-ups Streetcar and Lovespace) and Jan Vanhoutte. In 2018 we raised $5.4M in Series A funding, led by Aviva Ventures, Norway’s Idekapital and Angel investors. In 2020 we raised an additional £6M in funding led again by Aviva.

Who are your Shepherds?

Our Shepherds are trained and vetted people in your community who will carry out our checks. We recruit Shepherds who are local to your assets, meaning they’ll know the area well and won’t have to travel far.

How do you protect Shepherds and customers?

All Shepherds complete an identity check after their 5th job, or If a job requires an ID check. This ensures we have a fully verified, insured and trusted network that is over 18 years of age. Our insurance cover gives peace of mind for any accidental damage that may occur during a check, alongside our dedicated support team that is available to Shepherds if they need extra guidance.

How do you keep Shepherds safe?

We take precautions to ensure that every situation we send our Shepherds into is not a dangerous one. We do this by having open and honest conversations with our customers, understanding their business, and reviewing every booking request that comes through for its suitability. In the unlikely situation that something goes wrong, our Shepherds are fully insured for every check. Our Shepherds are fully trained, and the work they undertake is generally taking photos and inspections, so they are unlikely to cause damage.

How does the app work?

The Shepper app works on smartphones and is what our Shepherds use to collect data with. They’ll visit the app, find a job near them and then complete the checklist associated with it. They can answer questions, provide observations, take pictures, and even record video all within the app. Once they’ve submitted their report and our Quality Assurance team has reviewed it, we’ll send you the report straight to your inbox.

What do the reports look like?

Here’s an example of one of our reports, which is fully customisable to your needs. We can include questions, photos and media. Each report is GPS and time stamped so you can see exactly when and where it was completed.

Do you summarise the data from reports?

Depending on your needs, we can create a custom dashboard with key data insights. This is particularly useful if you plan on doing a large number of checks.

How do checklists work?

Our checklists are highly customisable to your requirements. We can:

– Create multiple sections
– Collect photos, videos or comments
– Make checks mandatory
– Collect a rating per check
– Add check descriptions that can include media and links
– Switch on face blurring for photos

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