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The beauty of Shepper as a way to earn additional money is that we offer a variety of different checks, so you won’t get bored. Our checks involve a Shepherd visiting a location to take photos and answer questions about what they see. Every check is slightly different, but they can be organised into 4 main categories:

Transport checks

Sheppy, Shepper's brand mascot, on a busy road next to a red London bus to show transport checks

These kinds of checks are usually condition checks. This means that you’ll be helping to confirm the safety and security of something, like a car park. These checks usually require you to check the entrance, the signs, pay and display machines, security and even the mobile phone signal. 

Transport checks may also involve checking the condition of transport assets, such as bus shelters. These require you to take photos and answer specific questions about the condition it is in. This allows our clients to arrange any repairs, cleaning or improvements from the answers you give. 

Example check:

A company would like all their managed bus shelters  to be checked. You need to go to the bus stop and answer the questions in the app, taking photos so we can evaluate the state, condition, and cleanliness of the shelter. You’ll need to report any damage, and health and safety issues.

Retail checks

Cereals on shelves next to Shepper's brand mascot, Sheppy, to show retail checks

Retail checks will usually ask you to visit a store to check retail and promotional displays (like a 20% off banner), report on the stock levels or test out the customer service and experience. Retail checks can be broken into subcategories mystery shopping, store audits, competitor intel, light merchandising or campaign and product launches.

Example check:

A cosmetics company is launching a new product. You need to visit the store and check if the new product is displayed correctly, if the promotions are applied and if the products are properly stocked.

You’ll need to act as a Secret Shopper in a store and sometimes ask a member of staff a few questions about a certain product. 

Utilities checks

Water / electrical pipes with Sheppy, Shepper's brand mascot, to show utilities checks

For utilities checks, you’ll be checking to make sure water, power and electricity company assets are functioning and helping them to reduce wastage. Checks can involve reporting damage to water mains or visiting a property to see whether it is empty or occupied. 

Utilities checks may also involve looking out for any issues that are causing failure. For example, a burst pipe or an electricity outage. You will not be required/expected to get involved or do anything technical. You simply need to report the asset’s condition or issues by taking pictures, and answering questions through the app. This allows our clients to arrange any repairs, and send someone qualified to deal with the issues. 

Example check:

A water company would like to know if a property is empty or occupied so that they can check water is not being wasted. You’ll need to visit the address and report whether it is vacant or not.

Media checks

Sheppy, Shepper's brand mascot, next to an advertising billboard

Our media checks focus on Out Of Home (OOH) advertising, which means any physical advert that’s (you guessed it) out of the home. Most of our media checks aim to show ‘Proof of Posting’, aka giving evidence that a particular advert has been put up properly. This means you’ll be checking if adverts and billboards are being displayed correctly, or whether the timings are right. 

In some cases, an advert will only be shown between in a specific time slot so you would be required to go on-site between the hours specified in order to check whether the advert is showing or not. 

Media checks also involve condition checks, which means you’ll need to report on any damage or issues like graffiti or vandalism. 

Example check:

A media company is showing an advertisement for a new TV show on digital billboards outside shopping centres across the UK. You need to visit one of them at a specified time to check if the correct ad is showing at the right time, if it’s in good condition, and whether there are any issues. 

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