Shepper for Utilities

Find out which properties are void or vacant, reducing per capita consumption as well as revenue and debt risks.

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Our data
and dashboards

Our property dashboards are fully customisable to your property needs, allowing you to monitor results in real-time. View summary insights as well as individual reports and data points.

Products for Utilities


Book independent asset checks with Shepper to check on the condition and functionality of utilities such as water taps, piping, electrics, and energy. Condition reports are GPS and time-stamped.

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Local community

Our community of Shepherds are only a short distance away from your assets and are available nationwide throughout the UK. This means they’ll be your customers, allowing you to engage with them on a personal level.

Make focused visits

With our data, you’ll be able to make focused visits to occupied properties, receive billable data and bring them on charge, thus reducing their void property percentage.

Accurately check occupancy

Our community of Shepherds visit properties and we put together a scoring system that demonstrates the likelihood of occupancy. Photographic evidence and occupancy related data are fed into this system.

What our clients say

“Smartrenting enlists Shepper to carry out our property inspections. Their Shepherds are incredibly professional and have a great eye for detail! Outsourcing this activity allows us to focus on managing our network of properties and improving the satisfaction of our clients.”

Thibault Martin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shepper?

Shepper is an on-demand checking solution, offering checks for businesses all over the world. Using a trained network of local people and a digital platform, we can check your assets quickly and efficiently, giving you a detailed report and dashboard straight to your inbox.

How does Shepper work?

You book: You tell us what locations, what things and when you would like us to inspect by completing an order form.
We check: We send our network of Shepherds to perform the checks using the Shepper App that captures digital proof points.
You receive: You receive a digital report in real-time, as soon as each check has been completed that is GPS tracked and time stamped.

Where can I use Shepper?

Our HQ is in London and we focus most of our activity in the UK. However, our business model means that you can use Shepper anywhere in the world. Our checks are tailored to you, so just let us know where you need a check and we’ll either find a Shepherd, or recruit one nearby.


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