Our latest app update brings a highly anticipated feature: multiple live jobs. What does this mean? That you can now start your next job without waiting for it to pass review. It’s now even quicker and easier to earn money with Shepper with less waiting time.

To get the most out of this feature and ensure all your reports pass the review stage first time, we’ve put together our top tips.

1. Check the location using ‘get directions’ in the app

You can find the map pin in the check’s description. You can use the ‘get directions’ feature on the job details screen to find your way to the check.

We do our best to give exact locations when possible but for some checks part of the task is finding it. If you need extra help with the location, you can also talk to our dedicated support team. If we can’t help you find it, don’t worry, we will still ensure you are paid for your time.

Always check you’re in the right location, if something seems wrong with the address, please contact our support team on live chat. You might need to redo the task again if it was completed in the wrong location. To avoid this, double check with our support team.

2. Check the job timings

Checking when the report needs to be completed is the first step in making sure you pass. Make sure you complete the check in the timeframe provided in the job description. Some tasks are very time sensitive and need to be completed in shorter and more strict timeframes (for example: checking a digital billboard to make sure an advert was showing at a certain time). It may not be accepted if you complete the check outside of the set hours.

3. Read and follow the job description for important details

Job descriptions sometimes contain important additional information you need to know before heading to the location. Make sure to read it completely before starting the check so that you have all of the necessary information. This will avoid any unnecessary retries.

4. Take clear, accurate photos

Good, clear photos are essential for our review team to pass your report. Make sure you provide enough photographic evidence to support your answers. In this case, more is more! You can add photos to demonstrate your answers, even if they are not specifically required.

We might ask you to take additional pictures if the ones provided aren’t right, so submitting a few options is a good idea. Photos need to be clear, non-blurry, in frame, and recognisable. If a photo is mandatory, but you can’t see what is meant to be there, you will still need to add a photo for evidence.

It is important you take pictures in the app as you will not be able to upload photos or videos from your camera roll or gallery.

Find out more about how to take great photos in our 5 important things to know about Shepper checks blog post.

5. Read and answer the questions carefully

It is really important that you read the questions carefully as one wrong answer might require a retry. Always double check your report to see that your answers are consistent and make sense before you send it off.

Questions that are mandatory and are shown in orange, meaning you must answer them. Make sure you don’t miss those before submitting.

6. Back up your answers with evidence

So you’ve completed the job at the right location, you checked the job description for any additional information, you’ve reviewed your answers for any inconsistencies or errors, you’ve sent your report through, and just to be sure, you’ve taken lots of good photos, what now?

Our review team will look over all the answers, photos and everything to do with the check. The last thing we want is for you to have to revisit the location. If you make a slight error (after all, we’re all human and mistakes happen) we can easily adjust your report if we have evidence without getting you to revisit the location. 

This is why it is so important to include everything you can while at the location – particularly photos. This will allow you to move on to the next check without waiting for review.

7. Ask us about any issues before leaving the location

The best and easiest way to pass your report is to ask us if ever you’re in doubt. Our support team are here to help and are able to look into any issue you may encounter along the way.

Find out more about how and why we check for quality and accuracy here.