Let’s imagine you go out to your favourite Italian restaurant. You ask for your usual pasta dish, but instead, they bring you over a pizza.

You go back a couple of months later, and they get your order wrong again!

It’s likely that the next time you eat out, you’ll try another restaurant.

This is why brand compliance is so important. One or two bad experiences with a particular product or service are more than enough to make customers want to switch brands permanently.

If you’re a brand, compliance can be more complicated than usual, as you are reliant on retailers to display your brand for you.

Here are some of the reasons why brand compliance is essential, and how you can help your retailers promote your products.

What is brand compliance?

Brand compliance (often called promotional compliance) ensures your brand’s message remains consistent, no matter where your products are sold.

By brand, we mean everything, including:

  • Your logo and imagery
  • The colours and typography you use on your packaging
  • Your tagline, slogan and tone of voice you use in your advertising
  • Your price point
  • Anything that sets your product(s) apart from those of your competitors

Your brand represents your business, and you don’t want to provide mixed messages to your customers.

Top tips for ensuring brand compliance in stores

Ensuring brand compliance can be a challenge, especially if your products are sold in a wide variety of stores.

Here are some of the ways you can stay on top of how your brand is promoted.

Provide clear brand guidelines

According to Lucidpress, companies are twice as likely to see brand consistency when official guidelines are in place.

Providing retailers with a set of guidelines will help them understand more about your specific tone of voice and how you want shoppers to perceive your brand.

Be proactive, not reactive

The more information and support you can give, the more likely your retailers are to get things right.

For example, take these signage issues. These have happened because retailers had problems and needed to take matters into their own hands.

You can avoid issues like these by providing clear communication channels and offering branded assets retailers can use in emergency scenarios.

Carry out regular audits

Regular mystery shopping across stores is an excellent way to see how retailers are displaying your brand.

You can then report back to stores with details of what they are doing well, and what they need to improve.

If all retailers are struggling with a specific issue, is there anything you can do to make things easier in the future?

In conclusion

Brand compliance is not only in your best interest, but that of the retailers that sell your products.

Brand consistency can help increase revenue by an incredible 33%, meaning promotional compliance benefits both retailer and brand.

Take the time to work with retailers and help them showcase your products in the best light, across all of their stores.


Did you know that ensuring brand consistency can increase your revenue by a third?

This means it’s vital for brands and retailers to work together to display products consistently across all branches.

Here are our top three tips for making sure your brand stays consistent, wherever it is sold.