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2022 has been a busy year for sports, with the Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Women’s Euros getting people hyped up. And let’s not forget the World Cup taking place in Qatar at the end of November!

When you work in retail, sporting events can be a double-edged sword. While customers may spend more on products in the run-up to sporting events, they may also spend more time at home, reducing footfall.

Let’s look at how major sports events can impact your sales.

Certain products can fly off the shelves

As people get ready to watch sports in the comfort of their own homes, you may find that certain items are more popular than others.

We checked stock in over 400 supermarkets during the England vs Scotland game at the Euros in June 2021. What we found was very surprising!

32% of Supermarkets had low levels of craft beer, while 22% had low levels of champagne. Interestingly, 12% of supermarkets we surveyed had run out of non-alcoholic beer!

Thoughts had also led to celebrations after the football, with 12% of stores having no condoms left and 13% running out of hair removal products!

By understanding which products you’re likely to run out of, you can ensure your shelves are stocked before sporting events.

Stores can be a lot quieter

Sporting events can tempt many people into bars and pubs. For example, earlier this year, the Six Nations Rugby Tournament saw 30% more people flock to their local. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for retail outlets.

Despite an initial flurry as people buy food and drink, stores may identify reduced footfall as people stay home to watch games, or travel to see events live.


it will be interesting to see how stores perform in November when the World Cup takes place. While the World Cup traditionally takes place in the summer, it has been moved back this year to accommodate the weather in Qatar.

November traditionally sees a lot of activity on Black Friday, which takes place at the same time as the World Cup. And with shoppers expected to spend £283 over the Black Friday weekend this year, people might have a tough choice deciding between shopping and sports.

Christmas also sees major footfall on the UK high street, with over £52 million spent with retailers during the festive season in 2021. But, with the World Cup ending on 18 December, will shoppers stay at home and buy online, or enjoy the Christmas shopping experience the high street provides?

We’ll be watching two things this winter… spending levels in stores, and the football!

Want to find out more about how sporting events affect trade in your stores? We can check stock and footfall in your retail outlets, wherever they are in the country. Contact us to find out more.

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