The gig economy is a relatively new phenomenon and something that can range from being your full-time job to a way to earn a bit of extra cash. Not sure if the gig economy is for you, or whether you can make it work for you and your lifestyle? Let us help!

What is the gig economy?

In the gig economy you get paid for the ‘gig’ you do rather than a regular wage. You work on your terms as an ‘independent contractor.’ It’s important to do your research beforehand to make sure that you’re happy and comfortable with the work you’ll be doing and how much you’ll get paid as not all gig economy companies are the same.

Will gig work suit you?

Working for a gig economy company can suit anyone! Whether you have lots of time on your hands or barely any. The main reason for this is what you can work on your own terms, usually when and where you want to. Many find it easy to fit gigs around their current commitments like a full-time job, university or childcare. Some people like to complete lots of jobs because they have the time to, while others simply fit in jobs on their lunch break, walking the dog or even on their commute.

No matter your lifestyle or schedule, you’ll be able to fit in some gig work if you want to make some extra money on the side. 

Gig work might also suit you if you’re currently unemployed and looking for another job. Many people take up gig work as a temporary solution until they find employment and find that it helps them fill in the time, make money and feel productive. It’s also a great way to add some more work experience to your CV and can help improve your career prospects.

“When I was made redundant I never thought I’d be cataloguing vehicles parked across from the royal Albert hall of all places! Now l get to travel around the city l love, seeing so many different places whilst doing my job and honestly I’m so grateful. It has been a really difficult year but discovering Shepper has been a silver lining!”


Why do people like gig work?

Thousands of people in the UK are part of the gig economy and for good reason, it offers a lot of benefits that you might not find in your typical 9-5! 

As we’ve touched on, flexibility is one of the most appealing parts of the gig economy. Whether you have a hectic schedule or an empty one, you’ll be able to fit the work into your life on your terms. Check out our article on how you can fit gig economy apps like Shepper in your life.

Another reason why many choose the gig economy is that it’s often very open and inclusive. At Shepper, we only require that you are over the age of 18, have a form of ID and that you have no unspent criminal convictions. Otherwise you don’t need to have any specialist skills to join Shepper – we’ll provide all the simple training in the app for you. This means that our network is diverse across gender, ethnicity and age. Our network is made up of all people from different backgrounds and walks of life, get to know some of them here.

Making money is, of course, a huge factor in why so many people choose gig work. While the majority use the gig economy to top up their income, some manage to earn a significant amount. If you choose to take on a lot of jobs, you’ll likely make yourself a lot of money! Check out our blog to find out how much you can earn as a Shepherd.

The gig economy is also great for those who are unable or unwilling to travel far. Most often, gig companies allow you to work in your local area, meaning little to no commutes or travel expenses. Some feel that it helps them explore their local area and connect with their community. Technology, like smartphones, has made working from wherever you want even easier. Here’s some of our favourite gig economy apps.

Shepper and the ‘good gig economy’

The gig economy is a huge industry with a lot of different opportunities, so it’s worth doing your research and finding which gig company fits you best. At Shepper we strongly believe in being a good gig economy company

  • We’re incredibly proud of our Shepherds and recognise them as the heart and driving force of our business.
  • We offer dedicated in-app support, where we treat our Shepherds as equals and show them respect. 
  • We’re open and transparent when we talk to Shepherds and are clear about what checks will involve
  • We’re incredibly inclusive and diverse, we accept people of all backgrounds, genders, abilities, ethnicities, religions and more
  • We allow our Shepherds to be in the driving seat of how much or little they choose to work
  • We listen and respond to feedback as well as putting plans in place to make Shepper a no-brainer choice when it comes to the gig economy