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We wanted to introduce a few new features that will really streamline your process of picking up checks. The market can be full of checks and it can sometimes be difficult to really find the type of check that suits you. With a small few tweaks, we hope to have made this so much simpler for you.

Task list and check previews

Ever wondered what a check requires before accepting it? Now you can. We’re introducing a feature that allows you to preview the questions and tasks in all jobs on the market before you decide to accept them. You can now double-check what you will need to do in a check, how you might need to prepare and whether the job is perfect for you or not.

This will make picking up a check a piece of cake! 

How it works:

Your usual process of picking up jobs will stay the same – you’ll be able to scroll around the map and select a job that you want to complete. From there, you’ll see the NEW ‘View tasks’’ button – click this and you will be shown all the questions, comments and tasks needed to complete the check – simple!

Now you can see everything that is needed from the check, whether it needs photos and videos or is just a simple in-and-out mystery shop. This update gives you the ability to tailor your experience on the market and refine your search to the jobs you really want. No more stopping and starting; picking up a check has become so much smoother.

Other notable app updates:

Check display name

With this change, your list view of jobs should become a whole lot clearer. In any list view where you’re looking at checks, you’ll see the type of check you’ll be completing in bold, rather than the address details. You’ll now have an uncluttered view of the type of job that is on offer, rather than having to scroll through bundles of addresses to find the job you’re looking for. 

Clearer address details 

When looking at your accepted jobs list, it could come across as a minefield of address details. Now, we’ve included the names of businesses in the address field, meaning you’ll be able to identify the location you need to go to a lot quicker. If you’re completing a check locally, being able to see the business name should help you identify the location instantly. If your checks are a bit further from home, it should help you in identifying the correct unit or address using your maps tool. We’re hoping that this will make it easier to identify the location your check is taking place in! 

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