At Shepper, our Shepherds are at the heart of our business. Taking care of their health and safety is always our priority. To ensure our network is safe and informed, particularly during Covid-19, we’ve put extra measures in place.

COVID-19 health and safety

Our Shepherds can now carry out checks, but we require them to follow the latest Covid-19 health and safety guidelines. We ask all Shepherds to wear a mask or face covering when visiting any retail location as per the government’s latest announcement.

When completing checks, we also require our Shepherds follow social distancing at all times. We urge our Shepherds to maintain proper personal hygiene, avoiding touching their face, washing their hands before and after completing a check and avoiding touching surfaces wherever possible.

General health and safety

We also have other general health and safety measures for Shepherds. We risk assess all jobs and provide relevant safety guidelines for each.

Our internal team carry out risk assessments based on different factors: 

  • Risks 
  • Health & safety 
  • Complexity 
  • Potential challenges/unknowns 

We post and update health and safety guidelines related to specific types of jobs. Our guidelines include those on: 

  • Street Assets or Car Parks 
  • Domestic Property Checks 
  • Commercial Property Checks 
  • Retail Inspections 

Before we accept any new Shepherds into the network, as part of the onboarding process we run robust background checks:

  • ID checks –  we require that they complete an ID check to protect their account and identity. This also makes sure that they are over the age of 18.  
  • Criminal background check – we don’t allow Shepherds to join our network if they state that they have any unspent criminal convictions.
  • Right to work –  we check whether applicants have the right to work in their current country. 


Each asset that is checked by our Shepherds is protected by Guardhog insurance, meaning that in the unlikely event of accidental damage it will be covered. Guardhog will reimburse clients, up to £25,000, for Shepherd damage, subject to the terms and conditions as defined in guarantee limits or as amended in writing by us. 

Reporting issues

One of our biggest focuses is to make sure our Shepherds feel constantly supported during their checks. Our in-app live chat feature means that a Shepherd can talk to someone and receive an immediate response. Our in-house team is online 7 days a week 9am – 9pm to help resolve any issues. In case of emergencies, we encourage Shepherds to contact 999 or 112 first. 

Shepherd feedback

To make sure we are meeting our commitment to keeping our Shepherds safe, we conduct regular in-app surveys asking if they feel safe and cared for when completing checks for Shepper.

As part of this commitment to our Shepherds, we regularly ask for feedback which we incorporate into our service and product road maps to ensure the future safety or our Shepherds.

This allows us to properly assess whether what we’re doing to keep our Shepherds safe is enough. It is a great way for us to continually improve our services and ensure our network has a positive experience.

We strive to have a great level of communication with our Shepherds, encouraging them to speak up and voice their feedback or concerns through our in-app support.