Want to supercharge how much you can earn as a Shepherd? Find out more about how you can with our new in-app feature: multiple live jobs.

After listening closely to your feedback, we’ve been working hard to really improve your experience as a Shepherd. We understand how frustrating it was to wait around for a job to be reviewed before moving onto the next one. Luckily, that’s now a thing of the past.

Not too long ago we released an app update with a feature that gives Shepherds looking to complete lots of checks quickly the ability to do so: Multiple Live Jobs. 

How multiple live jobs can help you earn more 

With multiple live jobs you no longer need to wait around after submitting your report to the review team, you’ll be able to head straight off to complete your next check. Find out how this new feature can help you start earning more with Shepper.

Time is money

With less waiting around for review you can now complete more checks than before. Even if review is taking a little longer than usual, it won’t affect your schedule. You’ll be able to move on to your second, third or even fourth job with no problem. That means you can earn more in less time.

Listen to what some of our Shepherds think

Great improvement on the app. It could be frustrating to wait around when you were obviously very busy trying to review all the jobs so thank you!

Sue, London

To make this new feature work for you check out our blog post on our Top tips to make sure all your reports pass review

While it might not look as fancy as our new Wallet, multiple live jobs is a big deal, trust us.