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Since the very beginning, we’ve looked to spread the word about the speed and quality of our data collection and keep our community at the heart of everything we do.

As a result of this, we’ve has been picked up by local and national media coverage!

Here’s a list of all the online articles and news outlets that Shepper has featured in.

The changing face of data collection – August 2022

UK inflation: Petrol, milk, chocolate and the everyday items that are soaring in price – August 2022

The UK drinks market key gin insights – August 2022

Gintel: UK On-Trade & Hospitality Favours Marketplace Dominators Over Local Small Batch Gins – August 2022

Big gin favoured over craft in UK on-trade & hospitality – August 2022

UK on-trade must ‘do more’ to support local brands – August 2022

On-trade favours major gin brands over small-batch – August 2022

‘Fits right in with my lifestyle’ Mum shares simple way she can make up to £800 each month – August 2022

Could going shopping boost your income? How a ‘mystery shopper’ makes hundreds of pounds extra a year – August 2022

Shepper’s data collection app gains 1,000 users per day due to cost of living crisis – July 2022

The changing face of data collection – July 2022

Appy shoppers: are the new money-making services worth it? – July 2022

‘I can do it on my lunch break!’ Dad shares ‘easy’ way he makes an extra £350 each month – July 2022

Inspirational Woman: Lindsay Forster | CEO, Shepper – July 2022

A Chat with Lindsay Forster, CEO at Smart Asset Checking Service: Shepper – May 2022

Women Finance Leaders, Natalie Burkitt – March 2022 

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