So you’ve decided to become a Shepherd and top up your income on your terms – great news! As soon as you’ve accepted your first job you’ll need to pass our ID check before you can continue to complete your first job. Here’s what to expect from the ID check and what you need to do to make sure it’s quick and easy.

Why we do ID checks

We pride ourselves on doing these ID checks, as it means we can ensure our network is full of real, trusted people. Letting the businesses we partner with know that we’ve verified all of our Shepherd’s identities gives them peace of mind that their assets are in good hands. 

How to pass the ID check easily

You can complete your ID check right in our app and it should only take a minute or so. To prevent any issues, follow our tips.


Take a picture of your (in date!) passport, driving licence or national identity card in the app when asked to do so. Make sure the photo you take is clear and that your fingers aren’t covering it. You should be able to see the whole photo page of the ID, including the MRZ code on passports. If using a driving licence or national Identity card, ensure you take photos of both sides.


Take a selfie in the app. Make sure you’re in a well-lit area and that you’re not wearing anything that obscures your face (like a hat or sunglasses). 


Wait for us to verify your identity – we’ll compare your selfie with your ID. This should only take a few seconds! We’ll also be able to see if the ID being used has been recorded as lost, stolen or compromised.


I failed my ID check, what can I do?

Check you’ve taken a good photo with clear information and of both sides of the document (where possible). Make sure your ID is in date and not expired. We won’t be able to accept an expired ID. If you’re positive that you’ve followed the instructions properly, let us know at via live chat or

I don’t have my ID on me, can I still complete the ID check?

No, you’ll need your ID to complete this. You can do this at any time, so you’ll be able to complete the ID check when you have your documents to hand.

Can I use other forms of ID not listed (e.g. railcard, bus pass, student card)

No unfortunately not. We only accept Driving Licences, Passports or National Identity cards as these are an official government photo ID. 

What do you do with the copy of my ID document and photo?

We regularly delete all copies of IDs and selfies and we don’t store them for more than 6 months. 

How old do I need to be to become a Shepherd?

You must be 18 years of age or older in order to join the network. We verify each Shepherds age using the ID they provide.