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In response to the UK government’s new national restrictions and announcement of a second lockdown, we have reviewed our services and made some changes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Shepherds. Read more to find out which checks we will be stopping and which we plan to continue.

We’re still doing checks 

Our business is unique because we are highly adaptable to the needs of our customers. During the first Covid lockdown, we explored and developed checks to help businesses ensure they were meeting the new health and safety guidelines. During this second lockdown, we plan to help even more businesses navigate this tricky environment, helping to check everything from queue management to proper signage. You can find out more about our Covid checks here.

Where field teams are unable to visit far-reaching locations, we can send out local Shepherds who can often easily walk or cycle to them. Shepherds are encouraged to complete checks as part of their trips to essential locations, for example, on their food shop or on their daily walk. 

We also believe that it’s important that we still provide meaningful work to our Shepherds, some who are using Shepper to help make extra money in these difficult times.

Which checks are we pausing during lockdown?

While we’re keeping up checks, we understand that our Shepherd’s health and safety is the most important thing. For this reason, we’ll be temporarily stopping the following checks:

  • Checks in non-essential shops
  • Checks that require our Shepherds to have a significant interaction with a staff member or another member of the public.

Which checks are we continuing during lockdown?

Good news, we’ll still be continuing checks that comply with the new restrictions and are safe for our Shepherds to carry out. These include:

  • Outdoor checks that can be safely completed alongside daily exercise
  • Short checks in retail stores that can be combined with essential shopping

Our network’s safety is our top priority, so we have provided Covid safety guidelines that we ask all Shepherds to carefully review before carrying out checks.

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