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Once you’ve completed a check for Shepper, it gets reviewed by our in-house team. You might be wondering why we complete reviews for every check, so let us explain. 

Reviews are all about ensuring we have high quality and accurate data

Why is this important?

The quality and accuracy of every report is one of the most important things for us to ensure, as our clients use the insights we collect for them to make essential, informed business decisions. We need to make sure that the data we’re providing is accurate and high quality so that our clients can get the most value from it. It won’t be helpful to them if the data is contradictory or wrong.

How do we ensure quality and accuracy with reviews? 

We rely on you as a Shepherd to take clear photos and answer questions as accurately as you can, but we know that sometimes mistakes can be easily made. To spot these inevitable errors, we make sure that we check each report in-house before sending it off to our clients. Our review team will check to see that all the information you’ve provided is backed by evidence (like photos) and doesn’t have any contradictions or inconsistencies, and once we’re happy, we’ll send it to the client. As they say, two pairs of eyes are better than one!

Shepherd completing a Shepper check before it undergoes a review

How do I know what data to collect?

When we work with our clients, we find out their exact requirements and together create a checklist that will later be completed by a Shepherd. The thing to note about these checklists is that they are always different as we tailor them specifically to each client. A car park company might want to know the number of parking bays; a cosmetics brand might need to know if their product is properly stocked in supermarkets or a media company might need to check the condition of their ads on bus stops. This is another reason why even our most experienced Shepherds might slip up when completing a check!

Dealing with retries

When we do need you to retry a check, the quicker you can rectify the report, the quicker we can complete it and the sooner you can move on. Usually this means adjusting an answer or providing another photo so it is very quick to do.

You will not be able to move on or start another task if the one you have started isn’t completed on our end, which is why it’s important to make sure you look over the report before submitting it.

You may experience a little longer of a waiting time when the volumes of reports submitted are high.

You can always get an update on the progress of the job by contacting our support team within the app and they will let you know the status of your report.

To help you make sure the review process is a breeze, here are 3 key tips:

  1. Provide high-quality photos or videos. Our clients will need to see all the details, so blurry photos won’t do!
  2. Double-check your report before submitting. Ask yourself: “have I completed the mandatory (orange) tasks and are there any errors or conflicting answers?”
  3. Wait at or near the location while we review. This normally takes just a few minutes and it’s easy to make a change or take a new photo if we need you to.

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