On 24th March 2020 we made the decision to put all checks on hold in response to COVID-19 and the government’s announcement to strictly limit time outside. This was to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Shepherds and to help prevent future spread of the virus.  

We’ve been reviewing the situation regularly and have been speaking to both our Shepherds and clients. In doing so, we’ve found that there is a growing need for certain types of checks that can either help businesses adapt to the current circumstances, or directly help with COVID-19 safety measures.  

After careful consideration, we have decided that it is important for us to step in and make use of our wide, adaptable network. In response to the government’s address on 10th May 2020, we will be resuming all of our checks.

Whether it is checking for the security and safety of unoccupied properties or checking for retail compliance, we are pleased to be able to help support businesses through the pandemic, helping them to adapt and stay afloat.

Shepper works by matching local Shepherds with jobs nearby. Because of the local nature of our checks, we believe our service is ideal in times like these as our agents are likely to be able to build the checks into their daily exercise and essential trips. Shepherds will also be required to abide by social distancing guidelines when completing checks and we will be regularly communicating government advice and best practice. 

We’ve also written a guide for Shepherds to help them stay safe.


Last updated on 22/05/2020