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Our aim at Shepper is to build the world’s most reliable network and for people to wake up and choose us. We strive to offer our Shepherds flexible varied work that pays fairly, to embrace and promote inclusivity and individualism and to help them continuously learn and develop their skills. Ultimately, our Shepherds are customers, not commodities and our team is constantly working to make it easier and faster for Shepherds to do their best work and maximise their earnings.

Some important milestones

Our Shepherds are key to our business’s success – ensuring we can reach any location quickly, and collect high-quality, accurate insights for our customers. 

35,000 Shepherds and growing 

2020 saw our network grow massibely in size as more people searched for flexible work close to home. 

99% of all jobs fulfilled 

Despite difficult conditions in 2020 our network fulfilled 99% of jobs on our platform – a testament to their reliability. 

49% of Shepherds are full-time employed 

Unlike many gig platforms, many of our Shepherds are professionals and in full-time jobs.

Completing 10,000 jobs in a single day

The scalability of our network was proven when we surpassed expectations and completed over 10,000 checks in just one day.

Get to know the people behind our data

Our network is full of people from all walks of life! We’re proud to accept people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, occupations and backgrounds.

50% of our Shepherds had their work hours affected by Covid-19
Of those that had their hours reduced due to Covid-19, 61% of our Shepherds said they use Shepper to fill the gap

“When I was made redundant I never thought I’d be cataloguing vehicles parked across from the Royal Albert Hall of all places! Now l get to travel around the city l love, seeing so many different places whilst doing my job and honestly I’m so grateful. It has been a really difficult year but discovering Shepper has been a silver lining!”

Our Shepherds are a mix of all ages with most falling into the 31-40 years old category
Most of our Shepherds are in full-time employment

“I’d recommend Shepper without a doubt. It’s great for students or retirees like myself. It’s great, especially in this lockdown, as you can do checks in the little bit of exercise that you’re allowed. I like that you have the opportunity to surprise staff. As part of my check today I was able to surprise an employee with a £10 gift card as part of the check, and he was delighted.”

A lot of our Shepherds work in the retail industry, although 56% work in a wide range of other professions: everything from IT to Law Enforcement

“I would recommend Shepper because of the flexibility which is very important to me. You don’t have to do a particular job at a particular time. Most jobs are very flexible, like a property inspection where you can complete something anytime between 9-5pm. The second thing is the pay which is pretty decent, along the lines of the normal hourly rate. The third thing is the support and quick responses you get through the app. The staff are really good. If ever I have some doubt I message them and they get back to me really quickly.”


Our goals for 2021

  • Focus even more on our community, making sure each Shepherd has a positive and engage Shepper experience
  • Help Shepherds connect with each other and highlight our Shepherds’ individuality and personal skills
  • Make our app more accessible to all ability levels, look at including messaging to indicate which locations are wheelchair friendly and more
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