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OOH Advertisers

Maximise the true ROI of your OOH media campaigns and identify issues in real-time.

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Our data
and dashboards

Our dashboards are fully customisable to your OOH needs, allowing you to monitor results in real-time. View summary insights as well as individual reports and data points.

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Check that your OOH media campaigns are compliant with our proof of play media audits. Ensure that the correct billboards and ad copy are live at the required time.

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Maximise campaign performance

Capture visual evidence of your OOH media activities, ensuring high quality and maximum ROI.

Reduce maintenance costs

Flag issues and fix them quickly with real-time reports that are GPS and time-stamped.

Ensure 100% campaign compliance

With real-time visibility of your campaigns, achieve complete campaign compliance on all of your outdoor media activities.

What our clients say

“Thanks to Shepper, we can regularly check on our scheduled ad campaigns, offering our customers an advanced proof of posting service. Now our commercials are always certified in a precise and rigorous way.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shepper check OOH adverts?

Our Shepherds, local people in our community, visit your OOH locations in person. They document anything notable, like damage, and take photo evidence.

How many OOH ads can Shepper check?

We can check as many locations as you need. Our community is flexible and scalable so we’ll check ads all across the country and beyond.

Why is OOH auditing important?

OOH auditing is important as it will show you your true ROI. You’ll be able to identify any problems and ensure proof of posting to get the most from your ad spend.

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