In an average week, we spend nearly 60% of our time at work. For many, this is time spent inside, sitting at a desk, or being confined to a small office space or area. Luckily, we offer our Shepherds the chance to make money without having a conventional office, with a variety of different jobs that can be completed locally. What better way to fit walking into your daily routine. We think it’s the perfect time to make walking your focus. Time to lose the wheels and pick up the trainers! 

Complete local jobs

On the Shepper Market, we aim for there to be a job available within 5 minutes of your postcode.  If you usually drive or use public transport to get to your checks, why not walk or bike to these instead? This helps you fit in your weekly exercise and will help reduce unnecessary travel by transport. We would love for others to join the 50% of our network who are travelling to their checks on foot!


If you live in a rural area, there is often a need to travel to cities or towns to complete tasks. Often in the busier areas, there is more availability on the Market, so we suggest bundling your tasks into larger groups. Instead of taking a car or public transport directly to your locations, travel to the outskirts of the area and venture in on foot. You can quickly travel between your bundled checks without the need to spend money on transport, all whilst exercising and benefiting the environment.

Set challenges / goals

There are some amazing apps available which allow you to track health and fitness goals. To maximise these, we suggest setting a daily target, perhaps a distance or a step goal to complete. You can log and track your activity, challenge your friends and create competitions – either with yourself or others. During our recent National Lottery checks, one of our Shepherds told us that they walked over 20 miles in one day completing jobs on the Shepper app! Can you beat their record?

We would love to hear more of our Shepherds changing their schedule to allow time to walk to and in between checks. With a variety of different types on offer such as transport and property, we hope there are plenty of opportunities for you to do your bit for National Walking Month!