Find out how to deliver an outstanding experience to your clients by learning how to optimise your field teams and make your operations more efficient.

The problems with ‘pure audit’ work

As a field marketing agency, there are a number of problems that can affect your day-to-day business. It’s likely that your field teams aren’t being optimised when they could be. This is the core issue that can affect client relationships, slower processes, less ROI, and ultimately a higher cost for you.

When you send your field team out, they’re probably going to spend a large amount of their time doing ‘pure audit work’ which isn’t the best use of their time. Put simply, it’s a waste of time if your teams are visiting all locations, instead of only those that need action.

As an agency, competition is fierce. To match up to your competitors, you’ll need to show your clients’ that you’re capable of taking on their requests. However, it can be difficult to meet their needs when heavily auditing-based work takes up so many resources and time. You’ll need an efficient and agile solution to impress your clients. 

How to make your field teams more efficient

The solution to these problems is relatively simple – you need to get your field team doing the work they’re paid to do: merchandising, building relationships, selling and training – not audit work. To achieve this, they’ll need to be equipped with information on which locations actually need action so they can focus on them, rather than wasting time visiting those that are performing well.

The answer is to outsource the auditing work so that you can plan your field teams’ visits ahead of time, making them much more efficient and productive. The more information you can gather on the locations before sending in your teams, the better. 

This solution will also help you achieve better ROI from your field teams, as well as saving money and even making more. By optimising their time, you’ll be able to take on more work from your clients which will impress them and help build loyalty.

How Shepper can help you optimise your field teams

We’re proud to provide agile, cost-effective auditing solutions to agencies to help address the many challenges. Our network of local people – our Shepherds – is available nationwide to collect data on the locations you need. We mobilise them as and when you need them, and they collect data using our industry-leading smartphone app. The data is then fed back to us where we quality assure it, and then aggregate into our comprehensive dashboards. You’ll be able to see trends, problem areas, and more, allowing you to send your teams to only the locations that need work.

By using local people to complete audits, we keep our solution cost-effective for you. The local aspect means that we’re also a greener alternative to sending people on long journeys – which is something your clients will appreciate.

To date, we’ve partnered with agencies including Field Sales Solutions by becoming an extension of their workforce.

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