Consistency is critical when you are responsible for a business.

Take McDonald’s for example. The fast-food chain has nearly 39,000 locations across the world. Despite having so many restaurants, the brand is well-known for its consistency, from how the building looks to the quality of the burgers.

How does McDonalds do this? Through thorough and regular auditing.

Why conduct an audit?

Even if you only have a handful of stores, carrying out regular audits can ensure your businesses’ brand is being correctly represented across all of your locations. From logo placement to pricing, this will help build brand awareness.

It can also help you see what the customer experience is like from store to store.

According to a recent poll by SuperOffice, 46% of businesses see customer experience as their top priority over the next five years. Especially with the end of lockdown and people making a tentative return to stores, it’s more important than ever to ensure shoppers have the best experience possible.

What to check in a brand audit

Before heading out to stores, you need to have a framework in place, detailing what you will check and what you will be looking out for. You need to make sure you are testing exactly the same criteria in each store.

Some of the items you will want to look out for include:

  • Location and size of promotional retail displays
  • Products in point of sale (POS) displays
  • Location of stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • Placement of branding and logos
  • What stock is available, as well as how much stock is available
  • If you have time, you may want to check out your competitors’ stores to see if they are doing anything that you aren’t

When you start visiting stores, you need to make your visit unannounced. Giving stores prior notice of your arrival may mean they intentionally change how things look and feel, leading to inaccurate results.

Finally, once the audit is over, take the time to meet with the store manager and review the feedback. As well as telling them what they need to improve, tell them what they are doing well. Two out of three employees that receive positive feedback are more likely to be fully engaged in their work.

How Shepper can help with your instore brand auditing needs

If you are looking for an easy way to carry out an audit in your store, Shepper can help.

Our team of Shepherds are located all across the UK, and can answer any questions you have, in any store you need.

This will save your team time, and as many of our Shepherds live and work close to your stores, it’s a more environmentally-friendly alternative too.

Once our roving Shepherds have audited your choice of stores, we’ll review the data and send the findings directly across to your team.

Contact us today and see how Shepper can review your brand and provide you with the valuable information you need to offer a high-quality customer experience.