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How much you can earn with Shepper comes down to how many checks you want to complete. Essentially, the more checks you do, the more you can earn. We pay different amounts for checks based on how long or complex they are. Simple 5-minute checks, like bus stops, for example, pay around £2-£3 whereas lengthier checks can pay up to £20. Find out more about the kind of checks you can carry out here.

We don’t limit the number of checks you can do each month, so how much you earn is completely up to you!

Our flexible app gives you the power to earn as much as you like, as often as you like. Take a look at some key numbers from last year to give you an idea of how much our Shepherds made with us in 2020. 

How much our Shepherds earned in 2020

• We paid out just over £38,000 to our Shepherds in Novemer last year.

• Over 400 Shepherds earned more than £100 using the Shepper app in 2020

• The monthly average earned was £54.

• Our Top Shepherd earned almost £7,000

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You can track all your earnings as a Shepherd using your wallet in the app.

Some more interesting facts about what you can earn with Shepper

• The highest amount a Shepherd earned in a month was over £3,000.

• We occasionally offer bonuses for certain types of checks, like our most recent ‘12 checks of Christmas’ bonuses, where a Shepherd could earn an extra £12 for completing 12 checks in December.

• Depending on the client the check is for, we sometimes also offer Shepherds the chance to win prizes. Last year, our client sent one of our Shepherds a beauty goodie bag for taking the best photo during a check.

What kind of checks were on offer in 2020?

Last year we offered our network a wide range of different checks. Check out some of the options we had available last year to get an idea of what you could be checking in 2021.

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