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Earth Day is on the 22nd April, hosted annually by EARTHDAY.ORG who lead a number of global events and initiatives to help create action against climate change. At Shepper, we strongly resonate with this movement towards sustainability and caring for our planet and are reimagining how we work and finding more environmentally friendly ways of doing so.

Businesses need a more sustainable solution

Our solution is one that is not only much more efficient for businesses, but also much greener. Businesses need to check their widespread activities to ensure ROI, customer experience and health and safety standards are met. Traditional ways of doing this, however, can be very damaging to the environment. If a brand needs to check 20,000 stores, that would usually mean them sending out their field sales teams all across the country and maybe even further. That means a lot of individual, often very long journeys. 

This is not friendly to the environment nor is it sustainable. Put simply, the more data needed, the more emissions. Moreover, brands need this data frequently and on a recurring basis – not just as a one off. They’ll often require tens of thousands of visits on a monthly or even weekly basis. 

Cutting out the need for unnecessary journeys

This is where we can help. Our solution completely cuts out the need for long, unnecessary journeys. We match checks with local Shepherds who are often able to walk or cycle to the locations that need checking. This helps significantly reduce the environmental impact of long-distance travel. We recently completed 10,000 checks in a single day, using local people who didn’t have to travel far to get there.

In fact, half of our network chooses to travel to locations by walking, while a large number cycle or take public transport.

Our sustainable checks

Some of our checks themselves focus on helping businesses to be more environmentally friendly. We work closely with water companies to check vacant properties and reduce water consumption and wastage. By checking these properties in an already sustainable way, we also allow the water industry to help conserve water.

We can also help with checks that specifically help you towards your sustainability goals. We can check that POS is clearly marked with instructions on how to dispose of it sustainably, and if stores are disposing of it correctly.

Our goal is to help your business be more efficient and sustainable. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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