COVID-19 has left businesses across the country with no choice but to quickly adapt to these new, uncertain circumstances. With the government’s order that all non-essential businesses temporarily close, restaurants, gyms, offices, bars, pubs, hotels, shops and more have all had to shut their doors.

This is the first time many businesses have had to leave their property empty for a long period of time. This comes with a number of challenges – a few of which Shepper is able to help solve in an efficient way. We know that companies have a lot to deal with right now, and we’re here to help take a few things off your plate.

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The importance of checking your unoccupied property

Damage prevention and security

The common issues that owners and tenants face are well known: break-ins, burst pipes, vandalism. These usually solvable problems become much more serious when a property is unoccupied and staff aren’t present to notice. A simple check could help you spot something before it turns into thousands of pounds worth of damage.

When the government allows non-essential businesses to open again and we can all press ‘play,’ you should be able to get straight back to business, not have to worry about any unwanted surprises or expensive damage costs.

Put simply, to ensure proper security and safety, commercial properties need to be regularly checked, even in a pandemic. 

Insurance contracts

There are also a number of businesses who will risk breaching their insurance contracts by not performing regular checks on their unoccupied property. While insurers usually require checks within 30 days, many have extended this 60 or more during lockdown. Although this is benefiting many businesses, it only solves part of the problem. Companies will still need to actually complete a check (even if they have more time to do so), but how can they do this in these unusual times?

Shepper can help keep your property safe and secure

This is where Shepper can help. Our network of trusted local Shepherds can take into account your specific needs and quickly get your property checked. Whether you need reassurance that your hotel is secure, or that your restaurant is in one piece, we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed report complete with images and video.

When speaking to our clients, we learnt that a lot of companies are aiming to tackle the problem of checking their vacant properties by completing checks themselves. If an employee happens by chance to live near a commercial property this might work well enough, if not, this is neither efficient nor cost effective. It may not even be possible if your employees are furloughed or not able to work. What’s more, this method isn’t evidence based and won’t provide you with a thorough report confirming the check.

An extension of your workforce

Our network of Shepherds are able to work as an extension of your workforce and complete these vacant property inspections, giving you a full overview of your property. By sourcing the crowd, we can keep your check costs low while giving you valuable data fast. We know that businesses need to watch their spending now more than ever, so we believe our cost-effective service is the perfect solution to solving issues around vacant properties. 

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If something does happen to your property when it’s vacant, Shepper will ensure that you know about it as soon as possible and that you’ll be covered by your insurance. In these extremely difficult and unsettling times, we want to give you peace of mind, knowing that your properties are safe and secure. 

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