Shepper means business.

We work with businesses across a number of different industries, providing cost-effective solutions to look after assets and capture information.

Who uses us?

Shepper can provide bespoke inspection and information capture solutions to fulfil the specific needs of your business. Businesses use Shepper to check up on the security and condition of assets, as well as providing third-party verification, specific data collection, and liaison with their customers. Our world-class tech platform allows us to easily and cost effectively complete jobs anywhere across the world.

Sharing Economy

We work with companies that manage P2P and on-demand services including shared transport and accommodation. With many assets and properties which are geographically dispersed, we provide eyes on the ground.

Real Estate

Shepper provides inspection and data gathering services to companies that own, manage, or provide services for residential and commercial real estate.


Shepper can help insurers and Third Party Administrators to provide a better experience to their policy holders, and cut costs associated with collecting information for their underwriting and claims processes.


Shepper can provide security solutions for businesses, including firms that operate unmanned facilities, or manage vacant properties.

Commercial Services

Shepper provides a range of commercial services, including inspecting product and promotional display placements in retail spaces, outdoor advertising, and undertaking competitor analysis.

Public Services

Shepper can check up on public assets, buildings and land, to ensure that publicly owned property is functional, in good condition, and safe.