A few weeks ago we had to pause our checks following government advice to stop the spread of COVID-19. After regularly reviewing the situation, we will soon be resuming essential checks that are safe for our Shepherds to complete. This will allow us to support businesses through these tough times and give some of our Shepherds jobs to complete. In the coming weeks, we’ll be slowly adding new checks in certain areas.

Read more about our decision to relaunch checks in line with government guidelines.

Before you set off to complete an essential check, read our guide to find out more about what jobs will be available and how to keep safe.

What jobs will we be resuming?

Essential checks

We will be resuming checks that are essential to help businesses through these challenging times. Our checks will help make sure empty properties are safe and secure while staff are away.

Checks with no equipment needed except your smartphone

The only thing you’ll need for your checks is your smartphone, minimising your risk of any surface contact.

How to stay safe when doing essential checks

To keep safe, follow our advice on how to protect yourself against the virus while completing your check.

1. Wash your hands

Wash your hands before and immediately after you complete your check. It’s also a good idea to bring some hand sanitiser along if you have it. Even if you haven’t touched anything – still wash your hands! This is one of the easiest and best ways to stay safe. 

Click here to read the full NHS guide on how to wash your hands properly.

2. Keep to social distancing rules

When you’re out, keep at least a 2 metre distance from other people. Be mindful that you may need to move out of the way, cross the road or slightly change your route. Our support team is also available on live chat if there are any problems.

3. Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes

This one is an easy step to forget! Remind yourself not to touch your face, mouth or eyes. It might be helpful to make a mental note – or even set a reminder on your phone.

4. Don’t go out if you feel unwell or if you’re vulnerable

If you feel unwell at all, have any coronavirus symptoms or are vulnerable do not go out to complete your check, just contact our support and let us know. You’ll be seriously endangering yourself and other people by potentially spreading the virus. The health and safety of yourself and others is always the most important thing.

5. Plan and prepare

It’s a good idea to plan your check beforehand to make it quick and limit the time you’re outside. You could try to fit in your check to your daily exercise or food shop. Check out some more tips on how to prepare for a check.

6. Avoid public transport

Accept jobs that are local to you and don’t take public transport. Walk, jog, cycle or drive to the check to avoid coming into contact with any high risk surfaces or other people outside your household.