New to Shepper and not sure what to expect for your first check? To help you out, we’ve put together some tips and advice to help your first check go smoothly.

1. Download the app and join the network

To get started as a Shepherd, you’ll first need to join using our app and complete your profile.

When you’ve downloaded the app it’s important to allow permissions. For Shepper to work, you’ll need to allow location services. It’s also handy to allow notifications – that way you’ll get notified if a job is nearby.

2. Set up Areas

In the app you’ll need to set up your Areas to get started and really benefit from Shepper. You’ll probably want to add your home, but you can add anywhere you’d like to do jobs – your workplace, your local high street, your family’s house. You’ve got the option to add up to 5 different Areas at once and even schedule them to be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ to match your routine. 

You can also select the distance you’re able to travel to get to a job. That way, if you plan to walk and are only able to travel a small distance, you won’t be shown jobs 50km away! It’s fully customisable to what suits you best.

3. Find a job that suits you

Once you’ve done this, start looking for your first job. Go to the Market on the app and browse through the list of available checks either near to your current location or one of your Areas. 

There are lots of different kinds of checks and we’re always looking to try out more. Choose something simple for your first job to get the hang of using Shepper, for example, a bus stop check is a great place to start. Jobs pay differently depending on their difficulty and how long it takes to complete so you can use this to help you decide.

Read the job’s description and note the date and time it needs to be completed by. When you’re happy, accept the job. You’ll need to complete a simple ID check before your very first check. Find out more about this here.

4. Prepare and plan

Before you head off to your job, make sure you know exactly how you’re getting there and how long it will take. Leave with a full phone battery so you can complete the job and use the in-app directions to find the right yourself find the location. 

Check out some more tips on how to make sure your check goes smoothly.

5. Go to the location and start the job

Start the job in the Shepper app. You can do this up to 15 minutes before the start time. It’s a good idea to do this before to see the full list of instructions, like picking up keys from a nearby shop.

Now it’s time to travel to the location – whether you’re walking, cycling or driving. If you get lost or can’t find it, you can get in touch with our Support team via the app who will be able to help you out.

6. Complete the task list 

Go through each question on the task list and read them carefully to make sure you give the right answers. Some might require you to take a photo or video, this must be done in the app . Try to answer as accurately as you can and try not to rush. If you need any help at this point, you can chat to our team using live chat in the Shepper app. When you’re done, simply submit the report.

7. Wait for us to review the check

Now it’s time for our team to check your report to make sure it meets our customer’s needs. We’ve worked hard to make this process really quick and efficient so it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. It’s important to wait for your report to pass review before you head off. That way, if there’s a problem, you’ll be able to easily adjust just the one section and not have to try the whole report again.

If you plan on completing another job straight after, you won’t be able to do this until your previous report has passed QA.

8. Get paid

We pay our Shepherds within the first 7 working days of each month. That means that if you were to complete a job on May 27th, you’d get paid by June 7th at the latest. Before you do any jobs you’ll need to enter your bank details so we can pay you easily. We’ll let you know when we’ve paid you with an email statement.

The amount you get paid will vary depending on how many and what kind of jobs you completed in a month. For example, our super simple bus stop checks pay £3 whereas more time consuming jobs can pay up to £20. We also run bonus rewards from time to time where you can earn more for completing several of one type of check in a month.