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Already a Shepherd or looking to join the herd? We’re here to bring you some top tips to help you get the absolute most out of your Shepper checks.

1. Set up your Areas

Areas on phone screen for Shepper Checks

Before you set off to complete some Shepper checks, you should set up your Areas – one of the best features of our app. Start by adding your home to get shown jobs near where you live. You can then add what kind of transport you’ll be using to get to jobs, plus the distance you’re prepared to travel. 

Pro tip: Be realistic about how far you can travel – unless you’re a professional athlete, you’ll struggle to walk 50km!

The best part is that you can add in as many as five areas and easily change or update them as often as you like! We recommend adding any locations you usually visit – whether that’s your local supermarket, favourite walking spot, your workplace or your parent’s house. Once you’ve done this, you can select when to get notifications about jobs in each Area. This will keep your Shepper app intune with your schedule and make sure you see the most relevant jobs for you.

2. Schedule checks when you have free time

Phone, laptop and diary with notes in it for planning Shepper checks

Our app will let you know if Shepper checks are nearby to you (as long as your notifications are turned on). Completing these spontaneous jobs is a fun and convenient way to use Shepper, but we also recommend scheduling in future jobs for when you have free time. If you know you have an afternoon to spare, have a look in the Market to see if there are any jobs available then. 

Pro tip: You could also combine your jobs with other parts of your routine. Try scheduling a check to do on your dog walk, on the way to post a letter or even on your commute.

3. Complete several of the same job at different locations

Shepper app phone screen

Want to become a top Shepherd? To make checking assets as easy as counting sheep, start by completing lots of the same type of job in different locations. You could try checking as many bus stops as possible, for example. You’ll find that you can complete jobs quickly and easily when you’ve had a lot of practice with similar ones. 

Pro tip: Sometimes we even offer special bonuses for completing a certain amount of the same Shepper checks! Keep an eye on your inbox and in-app notifications to be the first to hear about these.

4. Plan your route ahead of time

Someone using a smartphone for maps for a Shepper check

It’s important to properly plan your route before you set out to complete a job, and it’s a good idea to do this beforehand. If it’s a timed check, like a property meet & greet, you’ll have to arrive at a certain time. Leave yourself enough time to get to the location (with some extra time to spare in case of any issues) and work out exactly how you’re getting there. 

Pro tip: You can use Google street view to check out what your job location looks like. This will make it easier for you to find it when you’re there.

5. Make sure you have enough battery

Two smartphones on charge

It’s an easy one to forget but one of the worst things to happen during a check is your phone dying. As well as missing out on completing that check (and getting paid for it), you might also find yourself a bit lost if you’re in an unfamiliar area. To avoid this, just remember to leave the house with a fully charged phone.

When you are out and about, be sure to prioritise your phone time. As tempting as streaming Netflix is, tasks like this can really drain your battery that would be better saved for checking maps for directions or talking to our support team on live chat if you need help. 

Pro tip: It’s also a good idea to bring a battery pack with you – that way you won’t be caught out.

Happy checking Shepherds!

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