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When you are responsible for a retail store, there is a lot of legislation and guidance you need to be aware of.

As well as ensuring your store (or stores) comply with health & safety laws, there may be specific industry guidelines you need to adhere to. This can be anything from making sure the food you sell is stored hygienically to ensuring clothes are labelled accurately.

While it’s important to stay compliant, it can be hard to do so. We talked to some retailers and asked them how they struggle to keep up to speed with the latest regulations.

Here are four of the top reasons we found.

1. Different stores have varying levels of compliance

When a retail brand has different stores across the country, it must provide a consistent approach to compliance. 69% of shoppers admit they are more likely to shop with brands that offer consistent experiences across all premises.

However, it can be easy for stores to take varying approaches to compliance, and there are several reasons why this can be the case. Some stores may have managers that are more invested in compliance issues, while head office may find it easier to communicate with particular stores.

2. Stores haven’t been instructed clearly

Stores need to take their lead from head office when it comes to compliance.

However, it is sometimes the case that head office is so busy with other issues, that office-based staff don’t (or can’t) provide clear instructions to individual stores.

3. Managers don’t have the time

Retail store managers have many responsibilities. They’re in charge of hiring and training staff, ensuring healthy stock levels, as well as ensuring invoices are paid on time.

With all of these duties to consider, compliance can often fall to the bottom of the list.

4. There aren’t enough staff

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown significantly impacted the retail industry, with 89,000 jobs lost in three months alone in 2021.

Brexit has had an impact too, with 42% of small retailers saying breaking ties with the EU has made hiring harder.

This has led to less staff being responsible for more work, making compliance less of a priority.

Struggling with compliance? Let Shepper help

Keeping up to date with the latest guidelines is hard. There’s an ever-changing product landscape, many barriers in place and constantly evolving government regulations.

The good news is that Shepper can help you stay compliant. We have over 40,000 Shepherds across the whole of the UK, ready to visit your stores and answer any questions you may have.

When our Shepherds report back, we check and assess the data, geo-tagging and time-stamping it to ensure accuracy. We then send their findings directly to your inbox, meaning you can see where you’re struggling and take immediate action.

With Shepper, you can address any issues head-on, protecting not only your staff and customers, but the integrity of your business.

Contact us today to see how we can work together to ensure you stay on track.

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