A fifth of people thought about breaking up during lockdown and 12% of Brits earn while they date, we found in our latest piece of research.

We asked 1,128 of our Shepherds a series of questions about their relationships and post-lockdown plans. While we found that 19% of people thought about breaking up with their partner during lockdown but only 9% actually did.

20% of respondents dated during lockdown, with 9% saying they met up in person. Only 3% did video calls and 8% chatted online. 22% were single and did not date at all during lockdown.

12% have actually done a gig with Shepper or another gig economy company when they were going to, from or even while on a date.

In terms of post-lockdown plans, the majority of people (53%) are most looking forward to going on holiday with 14% looking forward to going to a music gig. 

As we all look forward to going to weddings again, 42% said they would miss hugging the bride and groom and 39% would miss dancing the most. Only 10% would miss the speeches.

Lindsay Forster, CEO at Shepper, said:

“It’s interesting to see that 12% of people have actually carried out a gig and earned money while they were dating. That’s the great thing about the gig economy – it’s a flexible way of working that fits around people’s lives and I expect to see more people enjoying this work-life balance in the future.”